This is part of a new music concert presented by Salty Cricket Composer’s Collective, the premiere of Canto for Trombone and piano by Nathaniel Eschler from February 25, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Abbie Brewer is the pianist.


Canto for Trombone and Piano that was composed by Nathaniel W. Eschler.  The title is taken from, Ezra Pounds Cantos XVII.  This work explores the contrast between light and dark.  The music and harmony of the Trombone is derived from major and minor thirds that form triads and other tri-chords. This is in contrast to the darker 12 note chord, clusters, and parallel interval structures and harmonies in the piano.  After a 15-bar solo introduction the piano enters with an arpeggiated 12 note chord that triggers various episodes.