Studio Resources

My main objective teaching young musicians  is to develop a firm foundation in sound and technique. Once that is established, I begin branching out to etudes, solo studies, jazz and orchestra depending upon the student’s interests in combination with my guidance.

Click on my Daily Routine below for ideas on how I warmup and maintain technique through daily exercises. These are just a few ideas inspired by the masters. Don’t Fear the Smear, Tones with Drones, Remington/Marstellar Remix and classic scale patterns with a twist.

Major Scale Tutorials for middle school and high school students learning their scales. Use these as a source for alternate positions and then play-along. If you know your scales, but your having troubles playing in tune. Use these videos to help play your scales in tune and that will carry over to other aspects of playing such as etudes and solos. Start with Bb Major.

Go to my YouTube channel for more scale play-alongs.